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Our curated selection includes everything you need to realize your dream garden. Annuals, Perennials, Hanging Baskets and much more!

Shrubs & Trees

We carry select specimen shrubs & trees that thrive here in Ontario, sourced 100% from local growers!

Bulk & Bagged

We carry a wide variety of gravel, beach stone, mulches and soils for all your landscape projects. All of our material is ready for PICK UP!


We have bulk products available!

For homeowners and landscape contractors.

Bulk Soil

Potting Soil
Garden Soil 
Top dressing Soil
Planting Soil 
Peat Moss
Triple Mix

Black Enhanced Mulch

Colour enhanced black mulch, long-standing, Tripleground hardwood mix. It brings high curb appeal to your home.

3/4” Clear Gravel

Most commonly used for drainage. This product can be used as a base under concrete pads, under and around weeping tile, under decks, or as decorative ground cover.

High Performance Base (HPB)

Self-compacting base material that can be used as a replacement for crushed gravel and screening in patios and walkways.

Shredded Pine Mulch (SPM)

This mulch is a great addition to all types of garden beds and will help to keep weeds down and moisture locked in.

Beach Pebbles

Ideal for use as an addition to your landscape, these pebbles protect the soil from temperature extremes, restrain the growth of weeds, and also lend a natural look to your garden.

Limestone Screenings

Ideal for creating a level base for interlocking brick and patio slabs.

Crusher Run

Blended mix of coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. The combination of both crushed stone and stone dust creates a low void content that is valuable in concrete construction for its compaction ability and drainage characteristics.


Full truck loads available up to 32 yards or 22 tons. Spreading service available with our slinger truck.


Planting in June and July: Veggies for Your Ontario Garden

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Choosing the Right Trees for Your Ontario Property: Shade, Privacy, and Aesthetic

Outside of your garden, trees are a great way to add variety and interest to your yard. They can provide shade, privacy, and aesthetic appeal throughout the warmer months. However, a wide variety of trees are out there, ranging in height, shade coverage, and visual appeal. Luckily, this blog will discuss which trees are right…

Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden in Ontario: Plant Selection and Design Tips

Even for plant lovers, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the maintenance of a garden. Planting and keeping up with a garden can feel like a big undertaking. Luckily, busy schedules don’t have to get in the way of this blooming hobby! In this blog, we’ll share some plant selection and design…


Based on 34 reviews
Nichole Veronica
Nichole Veronica
This place feels like a hidden gem, every time we go to it! The variety of perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees means we always find what we are looking for when we go there. This is our go to spot when looking for something special for our garden beds, always have those rare beauties that pop. The knowledge of the staff is on point, if they don't have something you are looking for they will source and order it for you...and don't forget when they make that commitment! Lastly, pricing around August is better than most clearing out their stock, usually around 40% off and not just on one or two varieties to get you in their store.
Liisa Newell
Liisa Newell
Staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!! Thank you.
Ali M.
Ali M.
Hi Bloom Green. I have just posted some photos of all the lovely Tulips that have bloomed this spring. So glad your associate suggested all the variations of the Holland bulbs I planted last fall. I am looking forward to choosing plants for our summer garden. Alison
Peter N (Piotr N)
Peter N (Piotr N)
We get our soil delivered ever year from Bloom very high quality in fair prices, also got beautiful magnolia trees and mulberry and have to say trees are outstanding. We usually order with Jim who’s very knowledgeable and friendly as all the rest of the staff ! Keep up the great work!!!
Kim Contini
Kim Contini
I love how they have some unique plants and baskets
Robert Knox
Robert Knox
Friendly, knowledgeable helpful service


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