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Choosing the Right Trees for Your Ontario Property: Shade, Privacy, and Aesthetic

Outside of your garden, trees are a great way to add variety and interest to your yard. They can provide shade, privacy, and aesthetic appeal throughout the warmer months. However, a wide variety of trees are out there, ranging in height, shade coverage, and visual appeal. Luckily, this blog will discuss which trees are right for your property’s needs!


Shade can be essential in your yard on a long, hot summer day – hot by Canadian standards, that is. Any tree will, of course, give you some relief from the sun, but certain trees provide the best shade for our region. Some of the best shade trees include white oak, yellow poplar, river birch, lacebark elm, and red maple. Of these options, white oak is the sturdiest and has the longest lifespan, yellow poplar grows the quickest, and lacebark elm offers an additional aesthetic appeal.


Privacy is another reason that people tend to plant trees in their backyard. Whether your fence doesn’t do the best job of it, or you want more of a screen from above, trees can be a great way to achieve this. Once again, there are certain trees that will grow more densely, providing a better screen for your yard. Some great options for privacy trees in Ontario are emerald cedar, green pillar pin oak, Dawyck Green beech, tower poplar, Bruns Serbian spruce, columnar blue spruce, and pyramidal English oak.


Finally, you may wish to add trees to your yard for aesthetic appeal, adding beauty while diversifying your garden. In this case, it is more up to you depending on which trees you like the look of best and work with your yard landscape. However, some of our favourites are sugar maple, flowering dogwood, eastern redbud, and serviceberry. We also recommend choosing from our variety of fruit trees, which provide beauty while they are flowering, as well as a delicious snack!

Trees are a great addition to your yard for these reasons and more – hopefully, this helps you pick the perfect one! For more advice or to pick up a tree to add to your property, stop by Bloom Green Garden Centre today! Good luck, gardeners!

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