Thank you so much to the support our customers have shown us over the last few days as we experimented with a drive-thru at BloomGreen Garden Centre. I’m sure it’s safe to say that under no circumstances did we ever think we would have to operate like this – nor has it been done anywhere else in the world. This was done to keep not only our staff safe but our customers as well.

At our time of opening, there was a lot of excitement and media attention.

We tried to deal with this as best we could in the drive-thru scenario anticipating that we would be able to improve efficiency as time went on — I’m sure we are successful in that. Come and experience yourself.

We constantly re-evaluate the social distancing measures and the safety of our outpouring customers.

BloomGreen try to not only help the community but use our platform for helping all those in need.

Last weekend, we donated over 500 tomato plants for the “Grow a Row” campaign for the Food bank. Our customers plant a tomato plant, they give the produce to the food bank when harvested.

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