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Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces: Making the Most of Your Ontario Garden

Many gardeners struggle with having small backyards or spaces to work with. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your space! There are lots of tips and tricks to include the landscaping you want and make the yard feel bigger. Here are some landscaping ideas for your small space!

Keep it Vertical

The first tip to spruce up your small space is to keep things vertical. If you don’t have a lot of space horizontally, look up! Trees, shrubs, and flowers that grow up instead of out are a great way to take advantage of the space you have! You could even try a raised planting area or another backyard feature that draws the eye up!

Colour and Textures

Effectively adding colour and texture to your garden is another way to add dimension and break up the space. Different colours and textures can help create visual depth and visual intrigue. When planning your gardens, place bold, bright flowers right in view. Because your eye automatically goes to them, the rest of the small garden will seem to recede and feel larger

Create Zones

When working with a small lawn, dividing up areas for entertainment and greenery can help make the lawn feel larger without overcrowding it! Creating different zones connected by landscape features or zones can help draw the eye around the space and create visual depth! 

Make it Cozy

Once you have your zones, make them intimate and cozy to feel more secluded and distanced from the rest of the yard. This creates a perception of having more space than there is. Creating nooks to escape to for reading and resting is a great landscaping idea for small spaces.

Garden Over Lawn

If you don’t need a lawn, why not use it as extra space for your beautiful plants? If you choose a low-maintenance replacement, this can also help with upkeep! Be sure to plan out your space, using different colours and textures, staggering plant heights, and including walking paths throughout.

Container Gardening

Your space may be limited, but that doesn’t mean your planting needs to be! If you want to add more plants to your small yard but don’t have the space for intricate landscaping, consider container gardening! You can get a variety of different container sizes to play with, and they can always be moved around to try new arrangements! This is also a great way to keep it vertical!

Even with a small space, there are still lots of possibilities for your yard to bloom into your dream! Pick up your gardening and landscaping needs at Bloom Green Garden Centre! Good luck, gardeners!

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