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The Top 10 Native Plants for Ontario Gardens and Their Benefits

While there is a wide variety of plants that you may be interested in adding to your garden, an important aspect to keep in mind is whether or not they are native to the region. Plants native to Ontario are great additions to your garden since they are already adapted to the climate, and therefore require less work overall. So, to get you started, here is a list of the top 10 native plants for Ontario gardens and their benefits!

  1. Black Eyed Susan – The Black Eyed Susan will instantly brighten up your garden with its gold petals and attract butterflies and birds that love to sip its nectar. They flower from June to September, keeping your garden colourful all season! 
  1. Canada Anemone – The Canada Anemone is a fabulous filler plant for your garden. It spreads easily, is highly drought-tolerant, and grows well in either sun or shade, making it a perfect addition to your garden!
  1. Bee Balm – Bee Balm is another colourful addition to your garden. Despite its name, it’s not just the bees that love them; butterflies and hummingbirds are big fans, too! Planting tip: it’s best not to plant these too close together – give them a little room to breathe!
  1. Butterfly Weed – This one’s right in the name as well! Butterflies just can’t get enough of these vibrant orange petals, especially Monarchs! These flowers will have your garden brimming with wildlife!
  1. Purple Coneflower – The Purple Coneflower’s gorgeous daisy-like blooms are a favourite among bees because their bulbous pollen-filled centres are very easy to perch on. This is also a great option if the soil quality in your yard isn’t fantastic because they actually thrive in not-so-great soil conditions! Talk about easy to please!
  1. Blue False Indigo – These gorgeous purple-blue flowers are actually in the pea family. Along with being a beautiful addition to your garden, they will eventually develop little peapods! Some gardeners like the appearance and rattling sound the peapods make in the wind, so you can choose whether you want to leave them on or off
  1. Wild Strawberry – This plant provides cute little white blossoms before blooming into a delicious snack! What a steal! If that wasn’t enough, they are also a perfect low-maintenance option for busy gardeners!
  1. Cardinal Flower – The Cardinal Flower is another great option for attracting wildlife – hummingbirds love them! Covered in bright red blossoms, they can grow up to 4 feet tall, so they make quite a statement as a border plant or an eye-catching focal point for the centre of your garden!
  1. Michigan Lily – Don’t let the name fool you – Michigan Lilies are native to Ontario and a great addition to your garden! It is a beautiful flower, with petals of yellow-orange to orange-red that are covered with purplish spots, that will also attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden!
  1. Wild Lupine – The Wild Lupine’s beautiful deep blue flowers are an attractive choice for your garden. Caterpillars of the endangered Karner Blue butterfly feed exclusively on Lupinus perennis, and they are a favourite for various other butterflies. After it flowers, the seedpods explode scattering the seeds, which songbirds love to feed on

Planting gardens with native plants is great for keeping maintenance and costs low, and the wildlife will love it, too! Pick up the newest addition to your garden at Bloom Green Garden Centre! Good luck, gardeners! 

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