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5 Essential Spring Gardening Tips for Ontario Gardeners

With the beautiful spring weather, you may be keen to get your gardening started. However, nights are still chilly, and the conditions are quite unpredictable, so don’t get too far ahead of yourself! That doesn’t mean you can’t put your green thumbs to work! In this blog, we’ve provided five essential spring gardening tips to get you started!

  1. Clear

Before you get too excited, the best first step for spring gardeners is to clean up any debris from your yard and garden. Raking up any leaves and clearing away dead vegetation will not only improve the appearance of your garden but also prevent the spread of pests and diseases. Cleaning up your garden will create an excellent base for the season. 

  1. Cut

The next step you can begin in the spring is cutting. Early spring is an ideal time to prune trees and shrubs before new growth begins. Cut back any dead or damaged branches and stems to ensure healthy growth and good form throughout the spring and summer months.

  1. Prepare

Healthy soil is essential for your plants to grow into a beautiful garden. Take the time to prepare your soil by loosening it, incorporating organic matter, and testing the pH level to provide an optimal growing environment. Aim for a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0, which is ideal for most plants.

This is also the perfect time to divide overcrowded perennial plants to promote healthy growth and rejuvenate established beds. Be sure to water thoroughly after replanting!

  1. Plan

While you may be eager to get your hands dirty, planning is an important step for spring gardening. Plan your garden layout and planting schedule, keeping in mind sun exposure, climate, and soil types. This can even be a great time to clean and refill bird and butterfly feeders

  1. Plant

Although it is still early in the season, there are some plants that you can get started on right away. You can start planting cool-season vegetables and annual flowers as soon as the soil is workable. But don’t stop there! Make sure to keep your new plants well-maintained by mulching your beds, keeping them watered, and weeding throughout the season!

There you have it – you’re ready to start your spring gardening! If you need any other advice or plants throughout the season, be sure to stop in at Bloom Green Garden Centre! Good luck, gardeners!

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